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Hard-Use Gentlemen's Tools and Accessories
Hard-Use Gentlemen's Tools and Accessories

MK 2 SMALL - DOUBLE DIVOT Small Batch 001

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MK 2 SMALL - Small Batch Production - BATCH 001 - One of Six Made

Drop Point Standard Grind .135" Blade in CPM Magnacut

Stonewashed Ti "Double Divot" Machined Scales

All Steel Hardware and Bent Ti Abidextrous Pocket Clip

Drilled and Tapped for Ambi Carry

Phosphor/Bronze Washers - not a flipper

Dogtag COA with # of Six - will be sold in order 1-6

6.5" OAL

2.75" Blade

3.75" Closed


Our Small Batch Production Knives differ from our Custom Shop Knives in that they feature:

A) Machine Ground Bevels

B) Bent Titanium Pocket Clips

C) Steel or a Mix of Steel and Titanium Hardware

This allows you to get the same quality blade and basic scale materials with simplified finishes with a significant saving as compared to our custom shop creations.  These make great everyday carry/users but still have the same ergonomics and geometries that make you all such fans of the A2D knives.